Dear Dharma Friends,

I hope this finds all of you in good health and that your Dharma practice is going well.

After careful consideration and concern for you and all sentient beings, it has been decided that KDC will suspend its weekly Pujas due to the serious nature of the Corona virus. However, to feel a sense of community during this challenging time, I encourage all of you to do KDC’s weekly practice of Tara, Mahakala and Chenrezig at home at our regularly scheduled times.

As you may know, Guru Rinpoche predicted that during this degenerative time, many different diseases and obstacles would occur and finding an antidote for them would be difficult. However, Guru Rinpoche also stated that praying to him would help us overcome these difficulties. With this in mind, I am requesting all of you to recite as many Guru Rinpoche mantras as possible: OM AH HUNG BENZRA GURU PEMA SIDDHI HUNG. I am recommending a daily recitation of at least 100 or 50, or 25 at the minimum.

By making sincere prayers to Guru Rinpoche for the benefit of all beings, it will help to prevent you from contracting the virus and it will also serve to benefit those who have already contracted the virus.

KDC will notify you when the Puja schedule is safe to resume and also regarding the events that have been scheduled for March 29 and in May; these may need to be postponed as well.

I keep all of you in my daily prayers,
Lama Tsang Tsing